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The experts at FitnessPLUS are here to help. Whether you have questions about a piece of equipment you want to buy or a piece of equipment you already have, you can find an answer below. If you still need help, please contact us through our contact form.

Q: Do you provide service?
A: Yes! FitnessPLUS has training on all major brands of equipment and we have years of experience that will make sure your equipment is safe and working correctly.


Q: Do you offer maintenance agreements?

A: Yes! We can make sure your equipment is working and stays working. Whether you have 1 machine in your den or 100 machines in your gym, we will make sure they are working and safe. Our flexible agreements mean that we will be there as often as you want.


Q: Do you sell locally (on island)?

A: We sure do! We are located at 8B Alexander Place, Dorcy Drive, George Town. Stop in and see our showroom to find the equipment that fits your needs and desires. Our expert staff will help you get just the right equipment.


Q: Does the warranty apply?

A: Of course! All the equipment we supply is covered by the full manufacturer’s warranties, with a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of a lifetime warranty on certain products!


Q: Do you offer delivery and installation?

A: Yes! FitnessPLUS offers delivery, installation, setup and even repair and maintenance anywhere on all three of the Cayman Islands!

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Q: What is the difference between Commercial and Domestic equipment?

A: The two main differences are options and pricing. Normally, commercial equipment is significantly more expensive because the machines are built to be more durable for areas like public gyms. Commercial machines also normally have fewer options. For example, a commercial rowing machine may only have 4 or 5 simple programs and no way to make your own custom programs. Domestic machines, on the other hand, are less expensive because they are lighter duty as they will not be used 12-18 hours per day every day. They also have more options and the ability to create and customize your own programs for more fun.


Q: Can your team help us build a gym?

A: Yes! Our team of experts are actually very adept at creating gyms and workout rooms. Whether you have a small area in your home where you would like a few machines, you want to add a large exercise room to your hotel or you are thinking about opening your own gym as a business, we can help. Give us a call and we will do a complete design including printed plans that you can give to your architect!

Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: Payment is easy and quick at FitnessPLUS. We accept Cash, Checks, Debit Cards, Visa and MasterCard.

Q: What's FitnessPLUS  Return Policy?

A: Please purchase wisely, as we will accept returns of goods only when they meet the following criteria: 

  • They were purchased at the FitnessPLUS store to which you are returning them.

  • They were purchased within the last 14 calendar days.

  • They are accompanied by an original sales receipt.

  • They are in their original packaging in as-sold condition.

  • They are not among the goods listed below as NONRETURNABLE.

  • Their return is approved by a store manager.


If you paid by cash, debit card, or credit card for the returned item, we will issue a store credit (less the restocking fee of 10% of the full retail price) 
If you paid by check for the returned item, we will issue a Store credit for the value only after the bank has cleared the check (up to 10 days), less the restocking fee. 
If you charged the purchase to your store account, we will issue a credit to that account, less the restocking fee. 

We will charge a restocking fee of 10% of the full retail price if you return the goods directly to the store from which you purchased them. We will charge a restocking fee of 20% of the full retail price on goods that we must pick up from your site. 

NONRETURNABLE goods include

  • All wearable items

  • Special-order items

  • Custom made items

  • Special-price/sale items

  • Seasonal items

  • Used items

  • Other items at management's discretion

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