LifeSpan Workplace

Bring activity back to the workplace to improve mental clarity and increase productivity. When you feel better - you will work better and feel better at work. FitnessPLUS offers this unique line of home and office equipment you won't find anywhere else!

Stay Fit While You Work

Bring activity back to the workspace. Quiet and tasteful, treadmill desks and bike desks are easily implemented into your home or office with zero disruption and limitless value. Improve mental clarity, increase creativity, and enhance productivity, all while benefiting your health and wellness. Crafted for use by professionals or by companies as a whole, LifeSpan Workplace helps you progress, one step at a time. FitnessPLUS located on the 2nd floor of the Mirco center, Industrial Park George Town, stop by for a test drive of the latest innovation in workplace health technology 345-916-1457 ask for Floyd.


Treadmill Desks

Office activities such as colleague interactions, phone calls and emails are easy to perform while walking. Walking speeds are generally between 1.2 - 1.8 MPH with users resting their arms on their standing desk to stay centered and properly positioned. Setting the desktop height to the ideal level is important to maintain a proper ergonomic position. Desktop height can be easily set to keep the lower back straight and support good posture.

Unique Features

Bluetooth Connectivity

All Workplace products contain on-board Bluetooth, facilitating seamless transfer of your activity data to your personal LifeSpan Club profile.


Activity Tracking Apps

LifeSpan’s family of apps lets you conveniently connect your desk to your computer or smart phone to stay on top of your activity. All of your data is conveniently sent to your online profile via wireless Bluetooth, letting you focus on the task at hand.


Intelli-Guard™ Safety

Walk confidently knowing that your safety is assured with Intelli-Guard. Step away for more than twenty seconds and your treadmill’s belt will automatically glide to a smooth stop, ensuring an accident-free environment.


Intelli-Key™ Step Counting

Never miss a stride with Intelli-Step. Your steps or pedal revolutions are automatically calculated with meticulous precision, displaying immediate feedback and historical trends via your Club account.