Assembled Weight:         476lb / 215.91kg

Assembled Dimensions:         
 Length 42.00in / 1,066.80mm    
Width    63.00in / 1,600.20mm
Height  83.00in/2,108.20mm

*Powerline Functional Trainer, 2 x 160lb stacks -Powerline Functional Trainer offers convenient workouts for users of all fitness levels.
*the PFT100 offers vertically adjustable pulleys that swivel smoothly through a 180-degree range of motion for unmatched workout versatility.
*The no-cable change design allows you to go from exercise to exercise quickly.
*The PFT100 features 20 different starting positions with 3.2” hole spacing.

BodySolid PowerLine PFT 100

SKU: PFT 100