Professional trainers, teams, and athletes alike use the Push/pull sleds like our VTX G-SLED to help build explosive strength and stamina, as well as develop speed and acceleration. Sleds offer a dynamic, versatile mode of specialized training that is superior to more traditional forms of conditioning. They have a high weight loading capacity, yet are relatively low-impact and joint-friendly.

Reduce stress and soreness to the lower back, shoulders, and knees. Sled work is also ideal for rehabilitation and allows for more regular, progressive use, with shorter periods of recovery between workouts

Included is our sturdy VTX Sled Strap. It can be used with our G-SLED in place of a shoulder harness. Two loops on one end can be draped over each shoulder and grasped, one in each hand, or wrapped around each shoulder. It fastens securely on the other end to a welded connection flange on the *G-SLED via a permanent, threaded carabiner clip. (included) Constructed from an ultra-strong, braided polyethylene (HDPE) material that retains its elasticity and provides consistent pulling power. 

VTX Push/Pull G-Sled